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We offer readers a wide list of the most imaginative and exciting verse from the UK and abroad. Our stunningly designed books range from lost postmodernist classics to translations of famous global poets and exciting collections by the finest young UK poets around.

We bring exciting and disenfranchised voices to the forefront, reflecting the aesthetic worth of their work in amazing book design, involving dust jackets; huge font; and original artwork for the front and back pages. With its exciting and growing list, we break down the differences between modern schools of poetry, to create a new poetics formed on respect for craft, imagination and the challenge of great communication.

There are multiple ways to sell the book you have published privately and they are almost as effective as getting in touch with a literary agent or publisher. Remember that you are still up against tough competition so be imaginative and think of unusual ways to sell into your readership, friends and family and online. It is key that you feel able to talk to others and ask people to purchase your book, not all of us are born salespersons.

 Get mentioned on online bookstores. Barnes and Noble and other sites can list on if your novel has an ISBN number. Find website services that focus on your type of book such as, horror, chick lit, thriller, religious, self-help, human interest, business, etc.

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